Gravity type FILLER & CAPPER   


The gravity type filler & capper fills  bottles
with the liquid of low viscosity.


The difference in elevation of the liquid in its
tank fills bottles through the pipe and nozzle.


The air of bottle is discharge into the tank through the ventilation pipe. The parallel forces of the remained air of bottle and the pressure of the falling of liquid  intercept the filling when
the filling level rise the mouth of bottle.


It is available for the filling line required CIP.


Performance Range

Filling & Capping

Mechanism Type

Rotary Type

Filling Type

Gravity Type

Capping Type

Screw Cap, AL Cap,
Push Cap


Max. 150 BPM


2060 x 1490 x 2800 (LxWxH)

  Bottle Supplier Capping Part Capping & Outfeed

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